The Madz with Mark Anthony A. Carpio
Madz 2002 - North American Tour, The first tour of Mr. Mark Anthony Carpio as ChoirmasterMadz 2004 - CCP, Manila Homecoming Concert after winning the Competition on Habanera and Polyphony in Torrevieja, SpainMadz 2006 - Moscow, Russia
The batch that won the competition in Tours, FranceMadz 2007 - The batch that won the European Choral Grand Prix for the 2nd time in 2007Awarding at the European Choral Grand Prix 2007 At the designation ceremonies for UNESCO Artists for PeaceMadz 2011Madz with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, Utah. Madz at the World Symposium on Choral Music in Puerto Madryn, ArgentinaMadz at the prestigious Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAfter singing at Basilica di San Marco in Venice, ItalyMadz 2013 (photo by Joe Valdez)
The Madz with Prof. Andrea O. Veneracion
Madz 1981Madz 1984 - performing the first edition of Italian Salad in Nagano, JapanMadz 1989Madz 1991-1992 - Mark Anthony Carpio at the "hot seat"Madz 1993Madz 1996 - The batch that won the 1996 Grand Prix in Tolosa, Spain Madz 1997 - The batch that won the Philippines its first European Choral Grand Prix in Tours, France Madz 2000 - The last touring batch of Prof. Andrea Veneracion as ChoirmasterMark Anthony Carpio and Prof. Andrea Veneracion after winning the 2 categories in Torrevieja, Spain